Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Ofcom delays 4G mobile auctions

Ofcom delays 4G mobile auctions
The auction would sell off a huge chunk of the available spectrum equivalent to three quarters of the mobile spectrum in use today.

However, Ofcom has said it would cap how much of the spectrum firms can buy to ensure the mobile market stays competitive.

The bands being sold are the 800MHz and 2.6 Ghz frequencies which also includes parts of the frequencies used by analogue TV which is being switched off as digital TV is rolled out.

This extra spectrum will be used to support 4G mobile technologies which will mean among other things higher download speeds and better web browsing.

Vodafone released a statement “ We agree with Ofcom that there is time for reflection given that the spectrum will not be available until 2013 . It is very important to get the rules right to ensure that the rollout of 4G services benefits consumers and the wider economy.”

On the hand, the other mobile operator Three was the auction to take place earlier and it has voiced fears that it would run out of room in its 3G network.

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