Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Smart Grid Survey

Oracle Utilities released its first survey C-level utility executives in March 2010. The Smart Grid Challenges & Choices Report surveyed 152 North American utility executives to understand their vision for the next 10 years , how they expect the smart grid to evolve our communities and homes and what challenges and opportunities lie ahead.
Of the 152 executives is that 53% are from the United States and 47% from Canada . Their roles or job titles are that of Owner/Partner, CEO, President, CFO, Principal, General Manager, Managing Director etc.
In the post I shall only focus on two surveys among others that were conducted , they are :
1. Priorities for the next decade.
There is a tie for the first place between improving service reliability and controlling customers costs . The data from the survey is as follows
Improving service reliability and operational efficiency (40%)
Controlling customer costs and limiting rate increases (40%)
Developing demand response and energy efficiency programs (33%)
Updating physical infrastructure (29%)
Implementing smart metering (26%)
2. Smart Grid Predictions : Those implementing Smart Grid : What do you think will take off fastest with customers ?
According to the survey smart grid
In home displays for real time usage cost data. (68%)
Smart appliances (41%)
Mobile device portals. (36%)
Distributed energy resources. (20%)
Electricity storage. (12%)
References :
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s real time usage and cost data is expected to be the most popular with customers. The data from the survey is as follows. Visions and Priorities